Monday, April 11, 2011

What's In A Name

I have come to the conclusion that my daughter doesn't know her real name. If you have kids you know how easy/cute it is to start calling them something special when they are born. I don't think we intentionally try to do this, it just sort of happens. When Presley was born she was this tiny, petite little thing. Everyone said how much she looked like me, her mama.Thus, calling her "mama" was born. Then I started to notice that others called their little girl "mamma" too. No problem right? Well, not really. Turns out, "mama" is a term of endearment used in the Hispanic culture. Last time I checked, both Tyler and I are white and I didn't want to offend anyone by calling her that. So eventually "mama" died off...

Enter Kelsey. My sister. My best friend.Complete moron. I say this with lots of love. Kelsey likes to rename things. There have been many instances where Kelsey takes it upon herself to rename things for people. She either doesn't like what you've named your child, pet,car etc or she knows she can come up with something more clever. For example, we found a sweet little mut on the street. She was rough around the edges and looked like she had "lived a little." I thought Roxy would be the perfect name. Kelsey took one look at her and said she looked like a Reba. Don't get me wrong, I love Reba McIntyre, but I didn't want to name my dog after her. Long story short. The dog is still named Roxy. Kelsey still calls her Reba. My child was no exception. Presley's middle name is Jo. Just like me and my mom. Well, Jo wasn't good enough for Aunt Kels, so she lengthened it to Josephine. So now we have Presley Josephine, not just Jo. Tyler hates this. Mainly due to the fact that she actually answers to it! And not Presley Josephine, but just Josephine! I can't remember the last time Kelsey even called her Presley. Very comical to me, not so much for Tyler.

Then of course there are the other names that come into play. P.J. , Princess and Sassy. Lately we are loving anything to do with princesses. In fact, she rarely wants to wear pants or shorts,becasue you cannot do a proper princess spin in pants or shorts! She loves when you call her a princess and I am happy to oblige. The name Sassy came about pretty recently. That is the best word to describe what this little fireball is! She thinks she is the boss of everything and everyone. Including herself. I've caught her a few times giving herself a "good talking to" while looking in the mirror.

So, our daughter has a few names. What's the harm in that? It really doesn't matter what we call her. Presley, Josephine,P.J.,Princess or Sassy. What matters is she knows that she is loved. And,oh, how we love our little girl...even if we can't decide on a name for her.

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