Thursday, April 14, 2011

"But, I'll get kidnapped!"

I wanted to share a funny (well to you, but not to me) story that happened last week.
Last Friday we decided to take the kids to the drive-in movie. The movie doesn't start until after dark, so Tyler decided to play the "back 9" at the course, meanning they only play 9 holes as opposed to the full 18. Why anyone would want to play 9, let alone 18 holes of golf is beyond me, but I digress...

So Tyler leaves and I decide I'll go ahead and get into something more comfortable for the movies. Afterall, you can wear your jammies because it's completely dark and you sit in your car. Well, I couldn't find the right combo of pants and top so I threw on a short robe and decided I'd just hang out in that for bit. The kids were in the backyard playing and I kept hearing Keller yelling at Axel to calm down. I figured he must be hungry (the dog) so I proceeded to go outside. He was really hyper when I got out there. So hyper that he jumped on the glass door and was able to shut it. No big deal,right? Umm, wrong. The stupid door locked. Now this door isn't a normal door. In fact, anyone who has ever come in contact with it ends up never wanting to go out of it again.

It's old and needs to be replaced. But we have kept it because it was hard for the kids to open it. We liked this "feature" because we didn't want them going in the backyard by themselves, especially since we got a pool. Anyways, so the door locks.
I'm in my robe, with nothing on underneath (sorry if that's tmi). My cell is on the table. The front door is locked. AND... because my sweet, dear husband likes to protect his family, both gates were also locked. Did I mention Tyler had already left for the course? Knowing it will be a good two hours before he gets home, I start devising a plan. At first I think I'll break the door with a brick. Bad idea. This sends Presley into a tizzy and she starts screaming. Ok, Plan B. I'll see if a can nudge a window open. Again, Mr. Security aka, Tyler has installed these little things on the windows that keep them from going up too far. No good. So here I am trying to break the back door, pry open a window and console my child, all while trying to keep my robe from coming open and exposing the goods. Then, I had one last idea...

I went to the fence and looked over. Thinking maybe someone would be out there. Note to self, times like these are when you should really know your neighbors. That way they can help you out of jams like this. Well, no one was around. Enter Keller. My fun, fearless, five year old. He tells me, "I'll just jump over the fence and get some help!" Great idea! I tell him I want him to climb over, run across the street and ask the neighbor if we could use her cell phone. I would like to tell you he hopped right over and saved the day. But no. He cracked. He comepetely crumbled under the pressure. He immideately burst into tears and and started crying,"But I can't do it! I'll get kidnapped!" "Someone will steal me when I run across the street!" "I can't do it mamma, I can't! Let's just pray about it!" So that's what we did. It was short and sweet. And because I know God listens to short, sweet little prayers from short, sweet little boys I wasn't surprised when I popped my head over the fence and saw our faithful neighborhood walking woman! I'm sure I must have looked so strange trying to hold onto the fence and and keep my robe closed as I asked to borrow her cell. She was happy to let me, and thankfully Tyler answered and quickly came home to "rescue" us. So lessons learned here: 1) Make sure your take your cell phone everywhere 2)Put on something decent before going outside, EVEN if it's your backyard and 3)Prayer works... especially ones from little boys.

We did end up making it to the drive-in, and I think they had a pretty good time.

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