Thursday, September 8, 2011

I will carry you

Written by me, with love for my precious girls, Berkley Beth & Harper Kate

An unexpected blessing, two brand new little lives.
A rush of emotions. Fear, delight and surprise.
All the nights spent worrying, restful nights were few.
Those little things don't matter.
I will carry you.

Not knowing what will come next or how we will make it through.
But we trust in our Creator.
I will carry you.

It doesn't matter how you get here or what tests and procedures they will do.
You are so very worth it.
I will carry you.

Here alone with my thoughts of how your days might be,
what will be your favorite color, will your eyes be brown or blue?
Until we know those things,
I will carry you.

I love being your temporary home, despite how tough things can seem
Seeing you move and feeling you kick can always make me beam.
Why did God pick me, to protect not one but two?
I consider it the greatest honor.
I will carry you.

Fashioned in God's imagine, perfect from the start.
even though so tiny, you already have our hearts.
I dream about holding you, breathing you in so delicate and new.
I know these things will come, but until then,
I will carry you.

As each hour passes I think about you more.
Too many thoughts cloud my head of what might be in store.
The fog is gently lifted and the words I hear are few.
I am here. You are not alone.
I will carry you.

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  1. Tears flow and prayers are lifted up. I'll be thinking of you all. What lucky girls they are to have such an awesome momma! Love you Kara, hang in there.