Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Berkley & Harper Continued

Sorry for the continuation. Getting back to what I was saying. Many people have asked how they could help. I like to be specific.

Prayer is powerful. Pray for us. Pray specifically that:
* Berkley would "catch up" to her sister in terms of size
* Both amounts of fluid surrounding the girls remain stable
* No matter the outcome of our situation that God would be glorified
* Our doctors will be blessed by God & His guidance
* Those who will be helping us will be blessed as well
* Keller & Presley will be cooperative and understanding.

Encourage Tyler.
Now more than ever, we are putting the saying "in sickness & in health" to work. Tyler will take on the role of Mr. Mom and up to this point he has been incredible. If you see him,let him know what a great job he's doing,send him and e-mail or a text. He may not be carrying these babies, but he is definitely carrying a heavy

I just got off the phone with my doctor. Most of you are familiar with Dr. Fanous and know what a great man of faith he is. He told me something that really encouraged me. He said, " I know most doctors see things in terms of black & white, but I see things in gray. There are a lot of things that science can't explain, so you have this big gap, and that big gap is where my God comes in. I will be praying for you and your girls."

I was speechless. The tears came. How many doctors tell you they will pray for you? I have not doubted since day one, that I was in the right place. I want to leave you with a song that has become my cry to my Savior. Please take a few minutes to listen to this song. No matter what you are going through, Jesus really is all we need. He is my Healer, My Sovereign God. I trust in Him. Nothing is impossible for my God. He holds my world and my sweet girls in His hands.


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  2. You know Kara I was sitting here today feeling sorry for myself, grievibg for my daughter, dreading the up coming dates of her birthday and the anniversary of her death. And then I read your blog and I listened to your song. I cried and I thought how selfish of me, Wyaema earned her "Angel Wings" and if I would just allow God to take over he would be my healer, my everything and he will help me through this tough time! I havent seen you in years, even really had a chance to talk to you much, but you have been such an inspiration to me and I am so thankful that no matter the time or distance between us you are still apart of my life! May God bless you and your family during this difficult time and may you find peace and comfort in his love.
    September 7, 2011 5:58 PM